Sep 23 all-day
Jim Hall and *Phil Zarrow, ITM Consulting
Monday, September 23 | 8:30am — 12:00pm and 1:30pm – 5:00 pm

Course Objectives
We don’t assemble electronics in “perfect world”. Defects happen! This course examines Failure and Root Cause analysis of PCBA defects, starting with clear definition of the generic types of defects and their impact, such as non-function, reduced reliability, etc. Detection and determination methodologies and procedures will be discussed. Cause and effect of defects relative to specific processes and equipment centers as well as materials are presented. Key causes of assembly problems and low yields are identified and resolved. This seminar is intended for anyone involved in directing, developing, managing and/or executing Failure and Root Cause analysis and defect resolution including managers, engineers and others in manufacturing, quality and design

Topics Covered
Introduction Prevention: Process Development and Validation Variation (Common Cause) Continuous Improvement Defect Definition Failure Reduced Reliability Process Indicator Special Cause vs. Common Cause Defect Identification Inspection Manual AOI X-Ray Test ICT Functional Contamination False Calls / Escapes Causes of Defects Special Cause vs. Common Cause Variability (repeatability) Accuracy Process not Optimized Root Cause Analysis 5 Whys” Cause and Effect Diagram Process Relationships Incoming Materials Handling Process Problems