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SMT Assembly Boot Camp Master Workshop at STI Electronics, Madison, AL

October 10, 2022 - October 11, 2022

The SMT Electronics Assembly Class is a practical overview of the many different processes and materials used in through hole and surface mount technologies (SMT). It is a focused two-day long workshop, which provides students with the opportunity to learn and understand the processes, equipment, and materials used in today’s manufacturing of electronic assemblies. It is taught by an experienced and knowledgeable instructor who has worked in a variety of electronics manufacturing-related fields.

Combining a lecture, discussion, and some videos, this electronic assembly basic training workshop was designed to give a very comprehensive and complete “immersion” into SMT and mixed technology PCB assembly. People who are new to the field, as well as somewhat experienced personnel who want to “fill in the gaps,” have found this workshop to be a perfect solution.

As it runs only two days, it is extensive (and non-superfluous) without taking people “out of the shop” for an extended period of time: learn, absorb, and take that knowledge back to the manufacturing floor.

Day One: Introduction – “It’s What We Do”

  • PCB Fabrication Overview
    • Circuit Board Fabrication Overview
    • Surface Finish
    • Legend
  • SMT Assembly Materials
    Solder Paste

    • Solder Paste (Flux and Alloy)
    • Solder Paste Characteristics
    • Solder Paste Considerations
    • Adhesives
  • Stencil Fabrication and Design
    • Stencil Components
    • Stencil Fabrication and Characteristics (Laser Cut, Electroplating, and Nano-Coating)
    • Fiducials
    • Aperture Design Rules
    • Special Apertures
  • SMT Assembly Processes and Equipment
    Solder Paste Printing and Deposition

    • Solder Paste (Composition and Attributes)
    • Solder Deposition Basics
    • Process Parameters, Control, and Effects
    • Process Considerations
    • Process Defect Recognition and Avoidance
    • Solder Jetting
  • Questions and Answers Session

Day Two: Assembly Processes and Equipment (Continued)

  • Component Placement
    • Machine Types and Characteristics
    • Feeder Types (Attributes and Characteristics)
    • Placement Considerations and Parameters
    • Set-Up and Change-Over
    • Avoiding Placement Defects
    • Line Balancing
  • Reflow Soldering
    Reflow Profile

    • Reflow Profile Characteristics
    • Reflow Specification Derivation
  • PCBA profile development procedure
    • Thermocouple Location
    • Thermocouple Attachment Methodology
    • Attaining the Specified Profile
  • Reflow Oven types and characteristics
    • Convection Dominant (Forced Convection)
    • Vapor Phase

Intrusive (Pin-in-Paste) Reflow

  • Wave Soldering
    • Machine Types
    • Profile Development
    • Process Considerations
  • Selective Soldering
    • Aperture Fixtures
    • Selective Soldering Machine Types
    • Process Considerations
    • Selective Soldering DFM Considerations
    • Profile Development
  • Cleaning
    • Contaminants and Corresponding Solvents
    • Effectiveness of Aqueous Detergents
    • Cleaning Equipment (Batch and In-Line Systems)
    • Cleanability of Components
    • Driving Forces for No Clean
    • Cleaning No Clean
  • Inspection and Testing
    • Testing and Controlling the Process Through SPC
    • Inspection Points and Strategies in the Process
    • SPI
    • AOI
    • X-ray
    • Testing Considerations
  • Summary
  • Questions and Answers Session


October 10, 2022
October 11, 2022


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